Why You Need a Multi-Tenancy Platform

To optimize IT costs and create operational efficiencies, you need to leverage SaaS trends of multi-tenancy. In order for you to realize the need for multi tenancy you need to understand the importance.

Importance of a Multi-Tenancy Platform

A multi-tenancy platform is important to any ICT and telecommunications organization. This is why:

Low Ownership Cost

Users can access their services from one platform. This means it is easier to access frequent and automatic updates. As a user you will not need to pay for new functionalities and customizations. An added advantage is the inclusion of new updates and releases on the subscription. Users are always informed of irregular changes.

Worry Free Capacity

A multi-tenancy platform offers your company, whether big or small, the ability to reside within the same data center and infrastructure. It is commonly known as “worry free capacity”. You will not have a need for more computing and server capacity, and your operation support system will never be encumbered. This is our responsibility as Tegloo5 to grow our data center while supporting your growth.


We have a platform to support and maintain your organization. The good news is it is under a dedicated support platform. For you it means you will not have to go through various extensions and call center agents. We are here anytime you need assistance with our support for your complete operations support system. You and your organization or company will never need to wait for long troubleshooting and resolving process.

API Integration Scalability

As an ICT company or organization, you need to have an integration into Web API. In a single tenancy environment, this is a walk in the park. Customization of a multi-tenancy platform will not be as simple. There are specific requests you will need.

Some may have to be discussed and designed to ensure the outcome is favorable to you, the client. So how do we make sure this works? Well, we do API integration as per the client’s needs and requisites.

In short, you will get the API integration that will work for your specific needs. As an organization or company, any product we have or you request will be rolled out to suit your needs.


In the past it used to take a lot of time to roll-out any updates/releases. It is a lengthy process that requires coding for each client. This is what most multi-tenancy platform services offer. Our difference is we can send updates and releases suited to your particular needs.

The benefit of this move is that you will never have to go through processes such as performing Q&A and customizations. The change in production will automatically synchronize the moment an update or release is available.

If you have customers in the hundreds or thousands, such a move is a challenge. Our company ensures we handle everything to perfection. Our support team is dedicated to provide seamless updates and releases. Your benefit is faster access to innovative features for management of communications and IT, while ensuring your client is not interrupted.


A multi-tenancy platform will improve your business, large or small, to levels that you can compete with your competitors on the same level. Contact us to find a solution that will take you to the next level. We also offer latest billing solution along with OSS solution to meet any of your operational requirements.

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