What is BSS and Difference Between OSS and BSS in Telecom

OSS and BSS in TelecomAnyone who is a business owner today knows that there are plenty of terms that get kicked around. Sometimes it can be really difficult to keep them all straight, and it’s frustrating when we don’t understand what certain ones mean. It’s important for any serious entrepreneur to have a working understanding of industry terms, particularly if they are active in the telecom business.

Two such terms are BSS and OSS. At first glance, these terms seem like they can be totally interchangeable, but they refer to different aspects of a business. BSS and OSS work together to make a system run smoothly, and both need to be fully operational in order to allow your company to scale properly and be that the top of its game.

Simply put, BSS, or “business support system” deals with the needs of your customers. It’s often referred to as a business interface that allows your customers to conduct their transactions fluidly and without any problems. BSS deals with things like billing and customer relations, both of which are extremely important in the telecom space. One of the biggest problems that new companies run into is problems with scaling and billing. Telgoo5’s postpaid billing system is first in its class, and allows your MVNO to rate network trasactions based on raw CDRs. We also offer a CDR mediation process, and built-in user guides so you’re filled in on every step of the process.

A sure-fire sign of a company that doesn’t know what it’s doing is an inability to bill properly. Missing bills, inaccurate itemization, or other issues will mark your telecom company as being one that is unreliable. A solid BSS will help with billing issues and make sure that your customers are getting billed properly each and every time. Telgoo5’s BSS also is cloud-based, which offers another layer of protection for your customers. Since their information is stored in the cloud, it’s easily accessible and not vulnerable to hacks. It’s a much better set-up than other types of BSS systems, which is why Telgoo5 is a great choice for telecom companies that are looking to cement themselves as experts in the field.

OSS stands for “operation support system” and helps operations run smoothly. This is critical if you want to have an interface that is both flexible enough to support all different types of business needs while still being sturdy enough to handle multiple clients in one go. Telgoo5’s OSS was strategically designed to be scalable and customizable for all sorts of different types of companies. We pride ourselves on offering solutions that can be tailored to fit any business needs.

OSS and BSS also can work together to address security concerns. Good security is one of the major concerns for new businesses these days because customers are acutely aware of how easily their information can be compromised. Telgoo5’s platform was designed with security in mind, and customers know that their information will never be leaked to other companies. Since much of our BSS is cloud-based, sensitive customer data is always protected and secure in the cloud, which is safer than just about any other server on earth. This is one of the major perks of working with Telgoo5.

When you combine a good BSS and OSS together, you have a system that works to address all of the needs of a business. Telgoo5’s mandate is to create a system that works for every new telecom company and allows them to focus on scaling while knowing that their infrastructure needs are taken care of. With our OSS and BSS working in tandem, we can eliminate some of the more pressing concerns of new companies, like infrastructure, security and billing needs. Our call center is also equipped to handle customer calls with ease. We provide a fully integrated platform that allows small businesses to skyrocket to success.

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