What Are Customers Looking For In An MVNO

With phone bills and costs skyrocketing, many customers are looking for alternatives to phone service, and one of the places that many of them are flocking are MVNOs.

MVNOMVNOs offer great service at discounted prices, which is what makes them so attractive to customers all over the country. Unfortunately, MVNOs get a bad rep from time to time. That’s because they are sometimes maligned as being less professional as traditional carriers.

Customers who switch to MVNOs are looking for providers who can give them phone service at a lower cost, as well as providers that give them consistent service. They also don’t want any nasty surprises on their bills. How can you set your MVNO apart from the rest?

Uninterrupted Service

Your customers expect uninterrupted service from their MVNO of choice. This is literally the number one thing that they want from you. If your service is spotty or their calls keep getting dropped they will go elsewhere.

It’s important to keep the end-customer experience in mind, especially when you’re scaling quickly. If you don’t have the proper infrastructure in place, you’ll wind up causing problems for your customers and losing them quickly. That’s why it’s really important for MVNOs to pair up with MVNEs that can scale rapidly. Telgoo5, a division of (v)WeCare, knows that API failures can lead to lack of service, which is why we put a special premium on being able to scale with your company. That way, you can rest easy that none of your customers are losing service!

Great Customer Service

As with any other type of business, MVNOs have to have top-notch customer service. Customer queries, questions and complaints will come in through a variety of different channels, including traditional phone calls, live chat and social media channels. Be prepared to deal with an influx of contact from your customers, especially if you are scaling.

(v)WeCare customer service reps are uniquely positioned to be able to scale with your MVNO and provide the best customer service available over a number of different channels. Our reps are also schooled in all of your product offerings and able to act independently to solve customer problems. This level of excellent customer service will set your MVNO apart from others!

Organized And Itemized Billing

One of the biggest customer fears about MVNOs is that they will get charged exponential fees for services like roaming or WiFi usage. These fears are often unfounded, but have been drilled into the heads of your potential customers by traditional phone carriers that don’t want to lose the business. It might be an unfair stigma, but it is one that you’ll have to deal with if you want to be a successful MVNO.

You will need to pair up wiith an MVNE that has a sophisticated billing system that is both professional and very clear to the end customer. Telgoo5’s billing system puts a premium on being transparent and professional, so the customer always knows what they’re paying for. There are no surprises in the bills and they come out every month right on time. As your MVNO adds more services, smart MVNEs like Telgoo5 will work with you to work them into the billing. Part of smart scaling is being able to bill your customers in a timely and accurate fashion. Telgoo5 can help you with that!

Secure Payment Gateway

Finally, your customers will need a secure payment gateway to pay their bills. Nobody wants to put their credit or debit card information into a website that might not be totally secure, so smart MVNOs will make sure that their payment gateway is secure, SSL compliant and easy to use. That way, customers will feel compeletely comfortable putting in their information.

Just like (v)WeCare, Telgoo5 prides itself on security and offers MVNO customers several different payment gateways for transactions. Your customers will know that their precious credit card information is safe when they pay onlilne. This will help them feel secure with your MVNO and be more inclined to recommend you to others!

MVNOs are relatively new platforms so many customers are a little gun-shy. Help them get more at ease with your MVNO by taking the suggestions in this article to heart!

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