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The Rise of the MVNE

The MVNO business model is constantly changing. Unlike previous times, MVNOs are no longer reselling MNO services under different brand names while trying to address the needs of different target markets; markets like senior citizens or prepaid calling. Many MVNO’s are keen on expanding their services beyond traditional offerings.

On top of that, we have several industry summits which cater to MNVO’s made possible by the differentiating services offered. Why all these differentiations one may ask? One main reason is that MVNOs are keen on totally differentiating themselves from the MNO networks that they are currently using, so that they can increase their customer base and customer loyalty.

Furthermore, because MVNOs may specialize in marketing unlike MNOs, they might also pick up several trending services – thereby capitalizing on various trends. If you are able to roll out a new and cool service, revenue will likely be impacted positively..

Billing Services

It’s important for an MVNO to have its own billing service. By having a reliable billing service, an MVNO is able to launch new offers, prepaid plans etc. Billing software is expensive to purchase and that’s where MVNEs come in.

By hosting several MVNOs on their platforms, MVNEs are able to minimize the cost on the billing software by sharing the cost with the MVNOs.


If an MVNO wants to offer a service where the customers will be able to automatically switch their calls to Wi-Fi, what would they do? A great example is Virgin Mobile, which automatically detects Wi-Fi connections, thereby allowing the users to make free calls.

If an MVNO that does not use the services of an MVNE wanted to allow users to switch off a cellular call automatically to Wi-Fi, some type of infrastructure which will interact with the MNO would be required.

At this point in time the MVNO will be required to get into some type of relationships and service nodes with ISP. This in turn implies more complexity. At Telgoo5, we specialize in offering MVNOs fast and efficient ways of offering new services.

As mentioned earlier, by working with numerous MVNOs, we are able to offer groundbreaking services at affordable prices.

Evolving as an MVNO

Once you have launched as an MVNO, you will begin to evolve as the days goes by. You can measure these evolutions in a number of ways, from revenues collected, profit increases, employee growth or additional services offered. To evolve accordingly, you need an MVNE that clearly knows the most significant aspects of your evolution, market insights.

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