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The MVNO Market Has Never Been Better to Dive Into and Here is Why

The telecommunications industry is one of those industries that continue to get bigger and bigger with each passing year. With all the revelations regarding new technologies and advanced innovations, it is no wonder that the scope of the mobile market is as large as it is.

For any aspiring business owner looking to take a crack at the Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) scene, this is very good news. MVNOs have been around for quite some time now but what started as a small niche has blossomed into a global phenomenon.

In the modern times of 2020, if you are seriously considering launching your own network the timing has never been better.

The Estimated MVNO Market

Analytics companies are always updating their numbers and providing insight into the landscape of certain industries and markets. In 2019 alone, it was estimated that the MVNO market made $60.84 billion in revenue.

It is being projected that this number will skyrocket by 2025. With a compound annual growth rate of 6.83 percent during this time span, the MVNO market is predicted to reach an astonishing $84.66 billion in revenue. Even if the estimations are slightly off, all signs are pointing to more and more MVNO subscriber growth in the coming years.

Boost in Mobile Subscribers

Speaking of subscribers, the Global System for Mobile Communications Association (GSMA) also provided some insight that indicates the mobile market will continue to grow.

According to the GSMA, both smartphone connection and the number of unique mobile subscribers are going to jump over the next five years. The former could see a rise of nearly 20 percent from 2018 to 2025 (60 to 79 percent is the projection) and the latter (from the same timeline) could see a rise of 5.1 billion subscribers to 5.8 billion subscribers.

Cloud Innovations

Cloud computing is an innovation that has taken the telecom industry by storm. It is changing how MVNOs are being structured and designed and is experiencing a huge impact on the growth of the market.

MVNO providers that create cloud-based platforms will find that some of the traditional challenges of relying on public internet infrastructure are no longer prevalent.

Utilizing cloud technology allows a network to communicate seamlessly with other cloud services and scale customer demand with greater efficiency making things significantly easier and more efficient MVNO company.

Assistance Has Never Been Better

One of the unique aspects of diving into the MVNO market is the the journey does not need to be endured alone. There are a vast number of elite-level Mobile Virtual Network Enablers (MVNEs) that can deliver the backend support that your business needs.

From the advanced billing solutions that Telgoo5 delivers, to the software that we possess, we have been helping networks thrive for nearly two decades. We take pride in our passion and dedication to the success of your platform. We are always happy to discuss how we can assist your journey through the MVNO market and answer any questions you may have.

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