Telgoo5 Mobile Virtual Network Enabler

The Telgoo5 MVNE is a cost-effective billing and customer care platform that is capable of hosting an unlimited number of MVNO’s or brands. The platform does so with complete flexibility, caters to the needs of all major MVNO models and provides seamless connection with different protocols on any network.

In the highly competitive telecommunications global market, agility and ability to market quickly are important factors for any MVNO that wants to be successful. The Telgoo5 MVNE platform backed by our support expertise and unmatched systems integration will enable any MVNO to benefit from a wide range of deployment models, functionality, scalability, and integration.

Telgoo5 MVNO platform is designed to form the foundation of any MVNO network while connecting the MNO partner with all MVNO back-office systems. It caters for hybrid, pre-paid and post-paid packages as well as various segments including Closed User Group (CUG) and residential communities.

System growth is fully scalable without any limitations on the number of brands or MVNO’s. It is only limited by hardware. We target businesses that would like to onboard devices rapidly, either into their proposed or existing managed-service infrastructures.

Why Choose Telgoo5 Enabler Solutions

Agile Project Management

  • We provide organization and expertise
  • We provide a personalized follow-up when it comes to delivering services
  • We adapt to each customer’s project needs
  • We deploy a project methodology that has been tried and tested

Technical Architecture

  • We offer top-notch functionalities such as fixed-mobile convergence, pay as you go, pay monthly and real-time control
  • We define interconnection models
  • We design services based on the technical independence level you want
  • We determine complicated call flows

Business Model Flexibility

  • We help clients negotiate their contracts with MNOs
  • We help clients optimize their business plans
  • We provide billing customization to enable clients to control their P&L
  • We determine technical optimizations for optimum financial performance

Telgoo5 MVNE Benefits

Seamless Integration – Our platform connects seamlessly with any protocol on any network, including GSM and CDMA.

Flexible – Our platform is designed to provide complete flexibility and to enable each MVNO to define its own services and processes.

Convenience – The platform takes care of all major MVNO models and can host many MVNO’s or brands.

Reduced Opex – This feature-rich and cost-effective platform will reduce the total cost of ownership as well as operational expenditure.

Individualization – The platform allows individual MVNO’s to tailor their currency, language, and more.

Easy Service Construction – Reduces deployment and development time, making it easy to focus on building your services.

Reduced Capex – Telgoo5 utilizes the latest technologies when developing software. This enables us to customize our software cost-effectively and quickly, depending on each MVNO’s business requirements, hence saving on Capex.

Get Started

Whether you are an MNO (Mobile Network Operator) or an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator), whatever the business or technical models you want to set up. Telgoo5

enabler solutions bring you the expertise and flexibility to help you make your MVNO project a reality or launch your project​. Contact us​ today to get more information.

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