MVNE: Everything You Need to Know

MVNEs connect providers and operators who do not own their infrastructures. MVNEs play a key role in helping MVNOs establish themselves in the market on a low budget. Before we can dig much further into the subject, let us begin by first defining what an MVNE is.

An MVNE is an organization that provides network infrastructure as well as other related services such as operations and administration support system to MNVOs. This in turn allows MVNOs to offer various services to their subscribers using their specific brands. Because MNVEs provide network enablement services and platforms, they do not have any direct relationship with the subscribers.

Benefits of using MVNEs

To deliver their services and products, MVNOs require two things;

  • Access to MNO networks
  • A system to manage subscribers and products

The great news is that MVNEs facilitate both of these. The specialty of MVNEs lie in their implementation, management and planning of mobile services.

When a new MVNO seeks the services of an MNVE, the organization is able to pick up much more quickly, with very minimal start-up costs. On top of that, MVNEs also offer reduced airtime costs due to the fact that MVNE hosts several MVNOs within a single platform. All this is done to enable a reduction of the total cost for running the MVNE.

An ideal MVNE should provide sim configuration and provisioning, CRM, value-added service platforms and customer billing.

At Telgoo5, we not only offer a much smoother launch processes for new MVNOs but we also allow MVNOs to tap into our previous experience. By using our services, you will be able to keep your operations focused and simple.

Choosing the right MVNE

It’s important to point out that not all MVNEs offer the same level of service or have the same level of experience. Thus, when choosing an MVNE, it’s important to choose one that will help you get your MVNO up and running fast, while also keeping costs low. With that said, here is what you should be on the lookout for;

Network: The enabler should be connected to an MNO with a solid reputation. The services and products offered by MVNOs are only as good as the network that they use.

Experience: What level of experience does the MVNE have? Make sure that the company you are partnering with has many years of experience and many success stories to share.

Financial flexibility: Always look for an MVNE which will be able to meet your financial requirement. An ideal MVNE should be affordable when it comes to pricing, thereby ensuring that you do not have to spend an exorbitant amount of money when setting up.

Case studies/experience: You should be able to establish whether the prospect will be able to provide any case studies or reference which shows how they have assisted other MVNOs. Don’t hesitate to ask for references; a good company will have many happy clients who are happy to share their experiences.

Platform: A suitable MVNE should provide the right tools that will help you manage your products so that you will be able to respond to new trends with ease. An efficient and reliable platform is essential to keeping customers happy.

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