How Virtualization Can Help MVNEs to Offer More Flexible Services

Operational flexibility in one of the single most important attributes customers look out for when they are looking for an MVNE. Many MVNE companies try to address this need by marketing their services with phrases like “in a box”, “scalable”, and similar phrases. In reality, however, most MVNE services are anything but flexible. Such services are usually offered in arbitrary bundles on whose scope the customer has no say. To get a cutting edge, an MVNE needs to make its services truly flexible. In this article, we discuss ways in which MVNEs can utilize the power of the cloud and reliable suppliers to improve the flexibility of their offerings.

How Migrating to Cloud Environment Helps MVNEs to Offer Flexible Services

Many MVNEs offer services with a mixture of full cloud and partial cloud-based services. Having full integrated cloud services is should be the ultimate target for MVNEs that intend to be competitive. Migrating all services to the cloud can help an MVNE to have:

  •  More flexibility in the way resources are allocated. This enables allocation of more resources to a certain task without fidgeting with the hardware
  • Improved security which enables you to provide assurance beyond that of the donor
  • Unlimited connectivity ability which can enable the company to have over 16 Short Message Service Centers (SMSCs) or more instead of the typical two
  • Assurance that data will be maintained in one network environment whether it is being stored, processed, or reported.
  • Up to 99.99 percent uptime even if donors can’t get beyond 97 percent.
Build Your Own Cloud


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Some MVNEs are responding to the challenge of becoming fully cloud-based by building their own cloud systems. Such projects make services that are considered “off the shelf” and are partly in the cloud to be fully cloud services. Such services include Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), Software-Defined Networking (SDN), and more. An MVNE may be able to improve its session Board Controller (SBC), Mobile Switching Center (MSC), SMSC, Gateway GPRS Support Node (GGSN), and Over The Air (OTA) by re-integrating them in this way. Of course, this may require a big investment in terms of time, human resources, and money. This scenarios does not favor all MVNEs.

Find Suppliers That Enable Flexibility

The reality is that most MVNE companies don’t have the resources needed to deploy everything they need for a full cloud operation. Building your own systems for services like APIs, security patching, regression, debugging, connectivity, and billing may be a toll order for your MVNE and many companies need to work with suppliers to deliver services to the MVNOs. The issue with many MVNE suppliers is that the suppliers do not give them the rights or license to sell freely to third parties. This prevents MVNEs from repackaging their services to meet the individual needs of their customers. To give your customers the flexibility they require, you need to get reliable suppliers that allow you to deploy as they wish without restrictions. Companies, therefore, need to work with the right suppliers to be able to provide flexible services to the customers. You will be able to make all your services including SBC, MSC, SMSC, and GGSN, and OTA fully in the cloud.

Building a single cloud environment for your MVNE will, no doubt, simplify the company’s operations. It also enables MVNEs to offer MVNOs more flexible services. MVNEs can integrate their services by building their own cloud hardware or finding reliable suppliers. At Telogoo5, we provide scalable billing services to MVNE. We understand that each MVNE is unique and their customers may have unique needs that differ from others. That is why we offers flexible and scalable billing services that can be tweaked to meet the needs of individual customers. Contact us for a free, no-obligation quote today.

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