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MVNE Solutions

Fortunately, Telgoo5 is a seasoned MVNE that has the ability to scale with the needs of your MVNO or MNO by specializing in fixed, IoT, fiber, ISP and other types of billing. We process hundreds of millions of transactions each day and work with many different companies in all levels of growth. We have the resources and infrastructure to grow with your customer demands, and we are skilled at allowing you a platform to scale rapidly and seamlessly. With a comprehensive audit trail and top-notch accounting, Telgoo5 is on top of its game at all times. We pride ourselves on being the best in class, and we keep our clients in the loop at all stages of the game.

Is your MVNE slowing you down or not able to grow as fast as you would like, Telgoo5 offers both flexibility and ease of use. With so many options built in your time to market will be extremely short.

At Telgoo5 we pride ourselves on being more of a partner than a vendor. As such, we make sure that we schedule regular calls with our telecom partners to make sure that they are apprised of everything that we are doing at every stage of the game. Each MNO or MVNO is assigned a representative that has an intimate knowledge of their business and ultimate goals. This allows us to help them from the ground up, and be able to assist with any scaling needs in real time. We know that scaling is one of the most challenging times for any business, and we pride ourselves on providing out-of-the-box solutions and a flexible and robust platform to help businesses scale with ease.

With CDR-based billing and charging that performs both offline and in real-time, Telgoo5’s telecom billing system was designed for the specific needs of MVNOs and MNOs. Furthermore, we always account for taxation in billing and can aid businesses in navigating complex telecom taxation matters.

This consideration allows you to rest easy and know that everything is taken care of for you. We have hundreds of different billing profiles and get set up to over one thousand unique combinations of billing, so you can tailor our products to fit your specific needs. You never have to use what doesn’t work for your company. We are all about streamlining the process, making it easier on you, and excelling at our mandate of amazing customer service.

Telgoo5’s platform is sophisticated and integrated; able to handle plenty of demand. Even though we have plenty of satisfied clients, we make sure that each of them is able to choose a customized solution that fits them perfectly. We understand that every business has different needs and will join us at various stages of their development. As such, we treat each and every business as a unique partner that we are committed to serving. This commitment from us keeps your business free to do the important work of attracting new customers, building your brand, and making your business the best it can be. Think of Telgoo5 as a solid platform that allows you to focus on the crucial work growing your business.

MVNE’s are the core of your business, choose Telgoo5 which is associated with the biggest MVNO’s and most successful aggregators.

If you are a new MVNO or MNO, you need an MVNE partner that has your back. Telgoo5 is that partner!

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