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Does Your MVNO Give You the Best Service?

You have an MVNO that is working. So how do you know if you are getting the best service? There are several factors to consider that will help you know if you have the best service:

Does the MVNO support CDMA or GSM?

So you may be thinking of switching from your carrier to another. Cellular carriers use GSM or CDMA. The majority of MVNOs use both. Most phones work with CDMA or GSM. As an MVNO, you need to find a service that handles both. Take note some Motorola models, and most current generation Google-branded phones and iPhones have antennas that can use CDMA and GSM.

If you want your MVNO business to succeed, you need to connect with a carrier that supports GSM and CDMA. This way, you will ensure you do not lose clients who would prefer both systems.

Is a Mobile Hotspot Included in the Plan?

Longtime subscribers of MVNOs have some issues they would like addressed. For instance, they would like to know if a mobile hotspot is included. Users have tried to game MVNO systems with a third-party hotspot app. The problem is most, if not all, of these apps, do not work.

The truth is that a hotspot option, sometimes referred to as tethering, is not available with many MVNO service providers. Those that offer hotspots do not do so with lower-cost plans. This means you should check if the feature is included to ensure your subscribers get the service at competitive market rates.

Is Visual Voicemail Supported?

If your subscribers rely on or are accustomed to visual voicemail, make sure you can get it from your carrier. A good number of service providers do not offer the same. You may need to do due diligence to find out if they offer visual voicemail. Some subscribers find it tedious dialing into a voicemail archive to listen to one message after another.

Do Advanced Features Work?

Currently, most people have phones that support things like Wi-Fi calling or VoLTE (HD voice calls). They are great features for those who use them. However, most of the time they are network or phone-specific. Some MVNO service providers may not have them at all because advanced calling features are possible with specific phones.

Are You In Need of a Family Plan?

Most MVNOs cater to individuals. As such, a family plan may be a challenge to find. If you are getting into the MVNO business, you need to find a service that offers a family plan. Although most subscribers will not need a family plan, it is a good option to offer them. This way, you will have an extra edge over your competitors.

Bottom Line

These are five of the most crucial factors to consider when you are looking for an MVNO service provider. Not only will these increase the chances of success in your business, but they will also give an upper hand over your competitors. At Tegloo5 we have the best options to ensure the success of your MVNO business. Contact us today to get all of these features and more.

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