Customer Experience – A Key MVNO Differentiator

Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) are on a rise across the globe. According to the GSMA Intelligence report are a total of 1017 MVNOs in the world. Today MVNOs outnumber the total number of mobile network providers across the globe. In 2015 alone 210 MVNOs either shut down their business or merged with some other business. Start, peak, filtering, and stabilization is perhaps the expected business curve for MVNOs. Here to reach the point of stabilization and to sustain once stable MVNOs need to be smart and innovative.

Superior customer retention rate and ability to add new customers is now than ever before directly linked to ‘Experience’, which will help MVNOs stand out and receive higher ARPU. Many studies suggest operators differentiating themselves based on customer experience are likely to stay in business in the long run. According to Telesperience’s recent research into the MVNO market differentiator, better customer service has been cited by almost 67% of MVNOs.

Below are few innovative touchpoints with which MVNOs can differentiate themselves from the competition and delight their customers.

  • Loyalty Programme: For a long time, loyalty programs have been used as differentiators by service providers across industries. They are a great way to award loyal customers and inspire loyalty amongst new customers.
  • Customization: This is when an MVNO provides its users the flexibility to design their plans which will best suit their requirement.
  • Control: Offer control to customers by providing them access to customer care portal and Mobile application through which they can get real-time data about their usage, talk time, subscription plan, etc.
  • Localization and Personalization:
    • Target demographic segments by designing an offer for various demographic groups
    • Segmentation: design and develop segment-specific plans for corporates, schools, etc.
    • Design plans for expats, students, etc. with specialized features like unlimited talk time to selected numbers, free message service to their homeland, etc.

This is where a highly sophisticated billing system will play a key role in enabling MVNOs in creating customized plans with configurable product catalogs, visibility of usage to customers, allowing the customer to subscribe for services real-time and empowering them to discontinue services as and when they wish to. Telgoo5’s solutions will allow you to take absolute control of crucial area like billing and will allow you to create new services, bundle promotions and provide real-time data.

Companies using Telgoo5’s billing services have a competitive edge over others as Telgoo5’s billing system allows MVNOs to efficiently manage their billing and revenues. Our billing services will satisfy both the MNO and the customers. Billing services must be able to spot any instances of fraud and revenue leakage. Telgoo5’s Billing Services are apt to do this and will protect the MNO from any revenue loss due to frauds. Telgoo5’s billing system supports prepaid-postpaid integration method of billing. This feature makes the billing system all the more efficient and reliable. More and more MVNOs’ are showing an inclination towards billing systems that are powered by analytics which will empower them to get accurate reports on subscription, revenues, customer retention, and churn. Telgoo5’s billing system is equipped with all these special features, to know more please visit

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