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Billing Support on All Platforms for Customers, Day or Night

In today’s world, everything happens in an instant. You send a message and get a response. You write a tweet and someone likes it immediately. Today’s customers don’t want to wait. When they have a problem, a question, or some issue that needs to be addressed, they’re going to want to deal with in on their terms — and that means they want service when they want it, day or night. That’s why it’s vital to provide customers with 24/7 support that’s efficient, easy, and always available to help with whatever they may need.

Multi-Platform Support

Customers in today’s world are sophisticated, and they love having options. Some customers may want to call and speak to someone over the phone, but others would rather turn to chat support so they can type back and forth. Some customers are more comfortable with email. And still others might want to turn to social media first.

It isn’t practical to hire different companies to provide multi-platform support. And it isn’t good business to provide only one type, or even two types of support to customers. The only logical solution is to use a customer service support company that provides support on all platforms, all the time. This is the only way that all customers can be served and get the level of service they expect, and that’s why (v)WeCare provides complete multi-platform support. The trained support staff is available over the phone, through email, on social media, and in chat in moments, ready to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


When the world moves fast, everyone wants to move fast with it. Emails are sent and replied to in minutes. Social media interactions happen in real-time. Money exchanges hands digitally in mere moments. In a world with that kind of speed, customers expect to get their questions answered and their problems addressed quickly. Efficient, speedy customer service is absolutely essential when you want to keep customers happy, and that’s what (v)WeCare works to provide at all times by hiring and training caring, communicative staff members who are based in the U.S.

U.S.-based customer support representatives can address problems three times more quickly than offshore reps. U.S.-based reps can understand customers more quickly and help them find the solutions they need more easily, with simple back-and-forth communication. Reps who are based in the U.S. understand the slang and the particular terms that U.S.-based customers use, which also cuts back on confusion and saves time. With (v)WeCare, customers will have to explain less, so they can get more of the help they need. Speed and efficiency are always provided and always available to customers, whether they’re calling for support on the phone, using chat, or communicating with a rep through email or social media.

What Customers Want

Customers want to be able to reach out in ways that are the most convenient and easy for them. Whether they’re most comfortable with chatting online, talking over the phone, emailing back and forth or using social media, they want support that’s quick and easy to use. They also want to get that support the way they want it, which is why companies need to provide support on every available platform. This is the only way to satisfy every single customer, and this is why (v)WeCare provides every single one of these services. Customers have needs, and (v)WeCare keeps striving to provide solutions for all customers, all the time.

Customers also want (and deserve) to be connected to support immediately and at any time. By giving them that, companies set themselves apart by proving that they’re providing the services customers want most: speed, accuracy and options. Customers may have questions or problems at any time, and that’s exactly why they need support at any time. When they’re awake at 3 am, when they have an issue on a holiday weekend, when they have a problem, customers want to be addressed immediately no matter what time it is. By giving customers 24/7 reliable service, companies make the customers feel like they truly are coming first and their needs are truly being met. Isn’t that how you want your customers to feel?

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