MVNO model

Adapting to changes in the MVNO industry

Why the MVNO Game is Changing

Immediately after the first appearance of the MVNO model, many experts predicted that a number of non-Telcom business to consumer brands were going to take advantage of the opportunity and diversify into mobile. With very limited exceptions this new wave never came to realization.

Many organizations have faced various challenges including the dependency of an unpredictable relationship with the host network. Other challenges faced included the complexity that was involved in managing and building the systems required to make the services work.

Knowledge of the challenges

For many years, our team has monitored the MVNO market and analyzed outlooks and new trends. Our team has a detailed understanding of the various challenges that MVNOs face while striving to customer expectations and the fast-changing customer usages.

Our team are constantly in touch with MNOs with the goal of aiding new MVNOs. Our deep knowledge of the MVNO ecosystem in turn allows us to not only participate but also propose several tailor-made solutions in line with a proven methodology.

Service offering for MVNOs and MNOs

Telgoo5’s offering is centered on positioning and strategy, partnership and negotiation and performance and development. As an experienced enabler our main goal is to assist MNVOs to develop both their operational efficiency and their business. We study the specific needs of all clients, and then determine the type of support needed.

On top of that we also allow multiple services within the same service. For instance, thanks to our technology, users can use our platform without having to experience any type of challenges. This is because our OSS solutions have been built in a way which does not require any type of special technical skills to be operated.

Furthermore, our software has been developed to offer a vast and ever-growing number of features within a single platform. From billing of content, to tracking customer usage to monitoring service performance, our software allows users to execute all kinds of functions through the OSS software.

Flexibility and Analytics

With the game constantly changing, it’s important to settle for a software that will allow you to optimize operations. For instance, you have the ability of launching global services without requiring any form of support from us.

Our OSS will allow you to incorporate new functionalities without any hassle. On top of that, it’s also supported by many vendors and platforms, thereby ensuring that we are able to meet the needs of our clients at all times.

With market trends constantly changing, MNVOs should have platforms that not only report information but also allow users to be able to analyze data related to things like subscriptions, revenue and retention rates. Telgoo5’s OSS not only collects data, but also processes the data to report such that MNVOs can be able to view and analyze these sets of data.

Revenue Management and Billing

When choosing an MVNE, it’s important to choose one that has an efficient billing system. As a leader in the telecom industry, Telgoo5 has a billing software that ensures that users are billed for the services that they are using. On top of that, the software also ensures that any revenue leakage and fraud is detected at all times.

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