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5 Key Trends in MVNO Service Providers

New research shows that by 2025 the global MVNO service market will reach about $95 billion, growing annually at 7.6 percent. The continued growth in mobile users worldwide and the rise in demand for data services has created a large market opportunity for MVNO providers. The expansion of services, such as mobile cash, M2M (machine to machine) and cloud is driving the demand further for MVNOs.

Here are five evolving trends that MVNO operators should recognize in order to enhance their scope of services industry-wide.

Innovators will Seize Leadership

While there is going to be a market for the conventional MVNOs for the type of consumer-oriented services they provide, innovation will create new challenges and lead to the emergence of new market leaders. MVNO network connectivity is no longer the critical differentiator. The new model of connectivity and a gamut of packaged offerings must now center around data-driven capabilities, vertical integration, super specialization, and improved customer experience.

Moving Data to Deliver Superior Customer Value

Unlike the traditional MVNO mobile model, the new model will focus on moving data in ways that provide greater value for customers, both individuals and businesses. Process automation could assist in moving of the data. It could move from business to consumer, consumer to business, or machine to machine – to and from multiple endpoints, delivering useful information and driving targeted actions.

Focus on Niche Market Segments and Specific Value Propositions

MVNOs are increasingly recognizing the need to offer customized value propositions for targeted client segments. This allows them to widen the subscriber base by bringing new segments without diluting the brand focus of the host operator network. In a sense, the MVNO serves as the operator’s “sub-brand” to enable them to provide mobile services to wider and diverse populations.

Service offerings of MNVOs are moving away from voice and text and becoming increasingly data-centric. Some are even trying to differentiate their value propositions by integrating with other products and services, such as enterprise cloud or gaming.

Technology Enablers to Expand MVNO Opportunity

Cutting-edge technology enablers are set to drive unprecedented market opportunities for MVNO providers. These include:

  • e-SIMs
  • NFV and SDN (Network Function Virtualization and Software Defined Networks)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) with data analytics
  • Blockchain
  • Edge Computing

These technologies will support more personalized services for customers, help provide data related to IoT device performance, apart from boosting reliability and efficiency in areas such as supply chain management, mobile banking, mobile payments, and microloans.

Next Generation MVNOs will be Enabled with 5G

Network slicing getting enabled through 5G deployment is likely to be another game changer for MVNOs. A new breed of MVNO service providers will emerge with a focus on verticals offering AI, big data, and cloud solutions, creating new opportunities for enterprises looking to take advantage of these advanced technologies.

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